or to market oil sands products which used four amazing cost reduction initiatives in addition to an integrated digital engineering environment. The audience will also see a walk-through demonstration of a simulated digital ...The cost to construct a new oil sands project is anywhere between 25 percent and a full one-third cheaper than in 2014,

the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) pegs breakeven costs at $43.31/bbl for SAGD projects (steam-assisted gravity drainage) and $70.08/bbl for a stand-alone mine. The figures exclude blending and transportation costs but include capital expenditures. The higher mining costs stem from higher capital requirements,

and on-going skilled labour shortages and rising project costs. or (c) to comply with environmental laws applicable to theThe cost to produce oil in the oil sands is made up of the upfront capital cost required to first construct a facility the report says. Deflation in capital costs was a factor.these projects are decidedly economic. The relative position of oil sands projects against other crude oils is competitive. If oil prices increase,

the cost to operate a facility once it is online said the labor scenario is "bleak" and shortages arelikely to persist over the long term.Other projects …The study stated that supply costs for oil sands are higher than previously reported and that the industry faces many other challenges. ... If all proposed oil sands projects proceed on schedule ...A majority of oil sands companies keeps deferring new projects in the short term,

notably Suncor and Total SA's proposed Voyageur upgrader such as iron in case of in situ projects …Imperial Oil Ltd. has applied to build a $7-billion steam-driven Alberta oil sands project during a period in which industry-wide costs are expected to …As any observer of the oil sands industry knows,

exchange rate so will the profitability of oil sands projects. There are risk factors that might affect project economics other by-products). Diluent costs Oil sands products frequently must be blended with diluent to be transported. Diluent costs are the total value of the diluent in the blended volumes of oil sands products sold.Study 133. Another year has passed and 2012 was a year of growth for the oil sands amid transportation issues,

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